Maybe so, Maybe not. We’ll see….

My all-time favorite Fable is the one of the Chinese farmer.

Several years ago when I first read it helped me to shift my perspectives to become more welcoming and less judgmental of life experiences, learning to view things in life from more of a wholistic perspective instead of the limited perspective of my personality.

If you’re not familiar with it goes something like this:

There was farmer and his son who lived in a country village working the fields with their beloved horse. One day, the horse ran away and the village people exclaimed, “Your horse ran away, how bad for you!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not.”

A few days later, the horse returned and brought with it several wild stallions.  All the people from the village came to the farmer saying, “What great luck, how happy you must be!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not.”

The next day, the farmer’s son tried to tame one of the wild horses, and she threw him to the ground, breaking his leg.  Again, the villagers cried, “Your son broke his leg, how sad for you!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not.”

A few weeks later, soldiers from the national army marched through town, recruiting all the young men for military service. Seeing the son’s broken leg, he was the only youth not drafted.  The villagers shouted once again, “Your boy is spared, how good this is!” To which the farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.”

What lessons and insights can we reap from this fable?

The so-called bad things in life can be blessings and similarly the things you thought were so wonderful can end up causing you much grief. So instead of judging the events in your life as good or bad, keep a “we’ll see” mindset remembering to stay neutral: not getting too elated or too brought down by any life situation.

It’s our personality perspective that judges things as good, bad, happy or sad.

But if you will shift to a soul perspective you will see things from more of a wholistic and or neutral view and invite and accept all experiences into your life as part of the journey.

Practice dropping the labels of Good, Bad, Happy and Sad and notice what may be.



Make Meaning not Misery

Despite our experience of chaos during this pandemic of the coronavirus, there is a Universal order that is the cause behind everything we experience. Let this time teach us  what we need to know and how we need to be.  Let us wake up to our true nature and then begin choosing what is harmony with our true self so that we can experience well-being and be of service to others.

This time of separation is needed so that we can learn, grow and develop in consciousness – Soul consciousness and Unity consciousness.  It’s a paradox that we are having to separate to unify; to isolate to congregate. Experiencing the duality is the way we as humans learn until duality is no longer necessary.

If we are not careful our ego self will take over our thinking and we will start complaining about what we think we lack; what we think we are missing. We will then, just like this virus, spread and contaminate others with our fearful thoughts and anxious feelings and the result will be more and more misery, more and more chaos.

Let’s choose instead a more empowering perspective and make this experience meaningful not miserable. The way to make it meaningful is to see it in relation to your purpose. How can you best serve at this time? What need can you respond to right now? The world needs what you have. Do your part and add to the world more Love, Light, Beauty, Truth, Kindness and Goodness. We are all in this together. We are all part of one another, and we can and will come out of this stronger and more Unified.

And so the choice is yours to make: Misery or Meaning? I hope you choose the latter.



Journey to Wholeness


The circle is the perfect symbol for this New Year and New Decade as it represents the journey of Wholeness that we are all on.

Symbols are brought into our lives to awaken our soul to universal truths and teach us lessons we need to learn. The circle symbol teaches us about:


I came across this circle while visiting family in Alabama on New Year’s Day and it reminded me about my own journey and how far I’ve come and how far I will go.

Look for the circles in your own life and in nature and pause to reflect to take in their meaning.

What do you need to complete?  What will make your life more Whole?

I’m excited about this year and the many creative pursuits I’ll be working on centered around this theme of Wholeness.

May 2020 and beyond bring you much Joy, Goodness, Creative Expression and Completion.



The Soul is in the Subtle

subtle meditation

If you want to know your soul you have to become familiar with the subtle. The subtle is not obvious and we may spend our whole lifetime unaware and unattuned to our subtle energies. You can’t experience what you don’t know exists so you need to first know that you have a subtle body and practice sensing it.

To sense the subtle you have to get quiet and listen within. When you can quiet the mind and emotions then you can start to sense and communicate with the subtle energy of the body.

Through mediation, yoga practice or just sitting still, become curious and observe the following:

Breath – close your eyes and feel yourself breathe; listen to the sound of the breath.

Physical Sensations – notice and pay attention to physical sensations in the body as they arise. The body never lies and tuning your awareness to the subtle sensations in the body can reveal to you places you may need to pay attention and nurture with your awareness. Feel and register the heartbeat becoming aware of your heart space. What sensations do you feel?

Emotions – the subtle body is also known as the emotional body; feel what arisis and be with those emotions without judgment from the mind. What are the deeper, more subtle feelings underneath the surface emotions? Spend time here and just be curious.

Energy – sense your overall energy within and around you. If you ever felt the feeling of being physically and emotionally transformed after going to a yoga class, it was because of the energy that was activated in the subtle body. The combination of awakening feelings, physical sensations and higher quality breathing (prana) effects your overall energy for increased well-being, harmony and homeostasis.

Once you are aware of the subtle energies, you can work with them to enhance your well-being and the well-being others. The world of subtle energy opens our minds to the truths we know in our heart and soul. Train yourself to feel the subtle energies daily and work with and learn to control your thoughts and emotions so that you are no longer reacting from a place of fear but coming from a more aware and awake place where you can respond consciously.

I’m much more interested in developing the subtle rather than losing myself in the obvious. It takes a conscious choice and a desire for more depth in your life. It takes reverence and appreciation for the subtle. Subtle awareness leads to Soul Awareness and subtle energy ignites Soul energy.

Breathe, Feel, Sense, Become More Whole and Know your Soul.  The Soul is in the subtle. 



Feel With Your Heart and Sense Your Soul

Imagine you were like Helen Keller;

Unable to see anything;

Unable to hear anything.

What would be left?

Your ability to feel, to heal, to touch, to sense.

This is what our aim in yoga is,

to experience and develop the subtle.

The soul is in the subtle.

I love the quote by Helen Keller, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.”

I agree and know that:

The feelings of the heart open the door to our soul.

Practice feeling them and you will begin to sense your soul and show up more Whole.

No Sacrifice; no Soul

To go for what you really want will require some degree of Sacrifice. Especially if what your ego wants stands in direct opposition to what your soul needs. It is not possible to pursue opposite goals simultaneously.  They cancel each other out because in our mind, heart and soul we are then divided.  This division causes us to be out of harmony with our true self and we then can’t create what we most need in our life.

 Ask yourself, what do I need to Sacrifice to feel more whole? Is it a an addiction, some type of selfishness, comfort seeking or people pleasing? It’s usually a choice between following Love or following fear.

Do you live more for the soul, the whole, the eternal, and for others, or for the ego, the temporary and oneself?  At some point in our journey we will need to make the choice and sacrifice the lesser for the greater. Sacrifice is not a sexy word to the ego but is a virtue and requirement of those who want to grow and know Soul more in their lives.

No sacrifice, no soul.


Ego likes fast; Soul loves slow

PreviewI know I’m in my ego too much when I’m rushing through my day, my yoga practice, my conversations and interactions with others, and my to do list thinking that I have to get more stuff done and that going fast is the answer.  Wrong…  Going fast doesn’t work for me anymore and it doesn’t give me the quality and depth that my soul longs for.

The Soul loves it when we slow down because then we feel what’s in our heart, we are present, centered and mindful of our experiences.

Slowing down soothes the nervous system and cultivates calm. In our overly anxious world we need this now more than ever.  The solution to anxiety is to embrace embodiment and we can only be embodied when we slow down and are in the present with our breath.

Try this simple breathing exercise to slow down your thoughts and get centered.
1. Inhale for a count of four.
2. Hold for a count of four.
3. Exhale for a count of four.
4. Wait for a count of four.
5. Repeat until you feel calm and centered again.

When your lungs expand slowly this releases acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter which tells your heart to slow down.  A slowed heart rate calms your entire nervous system and when your nervous system is calm you can much more easily register the subtle energies of your body that when felt promote well-being and health.

Other simple ways to slow down and connect with soul:

  • Get out in nature and leave your phone at home – Go for a walk in the woods, watch a sunset or be near the water.  Pause, appreciate and take in the beauty and serenity of the moment.
  • Move slowly – Walk don’t run to your meeting, restroom, or bus stop.  Turn your daily walk into a moving meditation where you are conscious of each step and your surroundings.  Along with walking pick activities like slow flow yoga and Tai Chi that require you being present to each breath and movement.
  • Do one thing at a time – When you do one thing at a time with your awareness in the present moment the enjoyment and quality is much better. Soul is all about quality, not quantity.

Life is not a race.  Take notice the next time you want to go fast and then stop and intentionally choose to slow down.

Slow is the way to go, be and live.




Ego Wants to Impress; Soul Needs to Express

One good way to know if you are coming from your ego or your soul is to ask yourself, “Am I trying to impress, or do I need to express?” The ego wants to impress; the Soul needs to express. There is a big distinction between ego wanting/desiring and soul needing. The soul doesn’t want for anything; it’s only purpose is the need to be of service.

The ego wants attention and looks for opportunities to impress others so that it gets the validation it wants. The ego wants to feel important and admired and has little concern for what’s best for others.

The soul however has a great need to serve by expressing some quality that it has and that by doing so will benefit others in some way.  For example If you know that you are love then as a Soul you feel compelled to express that love, not for anything in return, but simply for the sake of expressing the essence that you are. If you are feeling compassion for someone or something and you express that compassion this is the soul’s way of relating and making itself known in the world.  Soul expression is unconditional and flows freely from the personality that is not identified with ego.

Don’t live your life to impress others. That path will never lead to lasting Joy. Live your life to express your Soul – your genuine Love, Beauty, Truth, Goodness, Joy and Uniqueness. If you end up impressing someone because of your genuine expression then great but don’t let that be your motive for what you do.  Keep your motives pure and forget about impressing, just focus on expressing your authentic self.



Intuition is My Best Friend

I am most grateful for that still, small voice within that guides me daily and connects me to my highest truth. It’s so important now more than ever to silence the noise and be disciplined to get quiet and listen within.  Start to pay attention to the subtle thoughts and feelings that arise which can easily go unnoticed if you’re not present and aware.  Those subtle thoughts and feelings are your soul prompting you to stop and be aware. You must be present or those insights and guidance won’t come.

That guidance, the voice within, is your friend, probably the best friend you will ever have and always has your highest and best interest at hand.  So start making friends with your intuition right now.  Developing a loving relationship with your intuition is one of the most important things you can do on your soul journey.

I don’t always know, but my intuition (the voice of my soul) does.  The soul is wise and if you open to that wisdom it will guide you and your decisions.  My intuition has never misguided or betrayed me. It is always there for me.  All I have to do is get quite, be still and tune into it.  As you learn to make intuition your best friend you discover you don’t have to rely on finding answers outside of yourself.  This is so freeing and life transforming.

Everything you need to know is inside of you, in your heart, yet we too often try to find answers with our intellect.  Intuition trumps intellect every time and I’m following that guidance more and more in my life.  The Soul within us knows the truth, while our brain only knows what we have been conditioned with.

It’s a very empowering thing to connect to the wisdom of the heart and rely on your own inner knowing.  You just have to believe that, trust that and know that. Believe in You and trust your heart and soul to know what your brain doesn’t know.

Take time today to listen within and make Intuition your best friend.

Much Love,

Stay in the Energy of Love

If you want peace in your life you must stay in the energy of Love. It’s whenever we step out of this energy with our judgments and fears that we experience problems, illnesses, challenges and all sorts of life disruptions that eventually and hopefully lead us back to Love.  The solution is always Love.  Get back to your essence of love.  Align with love and stay in the Energy of Love.

How do we do this?
Choose forgiveness, over and over again.
Choose Love, Compassion, Mercy and Allow Grace.

Just like I tell my yoga students, “breathe and feel; respond not react; stay in Love; stay in the Heart; stay in Soul; stay ensouled.”  It’s so easy to lose this connection especially if we are living unconsciously and not aware of our ability to choose how we want to feel and what we want to experience.  Well-being is always there and is a result of you choosing to stay in the energy of Love.

Love is always the answer; love always, in all ways.  When fear comes up learn to respond with Love.  This takes a level of spiritual maturity and lots of practice I know, but keep choosing loving forgiveness.  Fill your consciousness with Love and watch your life blossom with Joy.

Much Love,