About Soulality and Tracy Warren

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Soulality is the integration of personality (our outer self) with  soul (our inner self) to become more whole.

I’m Tracy Warren, and I created this blog and movement in order to express more soul in my daily life and encourage others to do the same leading to a life with more meaning, purpose, fulfillment and joy.  I am an Inspired Writer and Yoga Teacher and love all things soul: depth, beauty, growth and creativity.  I also love having new adventures, wellness and connecting and engaging with awesome people like you.

My passion for more soulful living started while working as a publicist for the authors of Attracting Perfect Customers and Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work.  I later became a facilitator and trainer of the “Living Methodist Values” program for the The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas. Here I helped facilitate the integration of the company’s values throughout the hospital system, helping employees connect to these values and live them through their work activities and behaviors.

I decided to take my interest in leadership and values integration work to the individual level to help others know and live their own personal values so I enrolled in and graduated from Coach For Life, a spiritually based life-coach training program.  I am also a graduate of Memorial Hermann’s Spiritual Leadership Institute of Houston and completed a soul-based counseling program.

I intend to use this blog to share with you my insights, inspiration, creativity and all that I’ve learned on my journey to more authentic living. I feel so grateful to be able to express my passion for Soulality and help others on the same path to experiencing and expressing more soul in their daily lives.


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