Ego Gives to Get; Soul Gives to Serve

Life is about Living.
Life is about Giving.
How do you want to Live?
What do you have to Give?

Giving to others feels so good especially when it’s done unconditionally and sometimes anonymously. More and more I’m realizing that when you give to others you are truly giving to yourself as you recognize we are one.

When we give from our soul self we don’t “give to get” but we give to express our essence of goodness that wants to serve in some way. Everyday count your blessings and express gratitude for all that you are capable of giving.


Become More Whole

Body, mind, spirit, soul, map for balanced life

Whenever you do something, do it from your Whole being.
Don’t deny any aspects of yourself: Mind, Body, Emotional, Spiritual, Soul.
Feel it with your heart.
Experience it with your body.
Focus on it with your mind.
Attune to it with your Soul.
And let your Spirit be fully present and Alive.

In this way you become more Whole.
In this way you become more Powerful, Loving and Light.
In this way you create Harmony and Well-being.

It is my intention to practice this in my yoga sessions and in my walk in life. The new spirituality calls for us all to become more whole.  As we do so, we heal our lives and change the world.



If You Want Depth You Have to Slow Down

If you want Depth you have to Slow Down and get Real with yourself. Ego likes quick and easy, going from one thing to the next: the latest, the greatest, the newest, the best. But that doesn’t get you anywhere meaningful.

If you want Depth, you have to Dive. Meaning is found in going deeper. When you stay with one thing long enough you have the opportunity to go deeper and learn a lot more about yourself in the process.

Going fast is mostly how I lived my life for the longest time thinking that I was getting more things done but really only fooling myself. Distraction, rushing and busy living keeps us on the surface unable to touch our depth. But eventually this wears us down and we come to see we are running from ourselves, from our truth, from our power, from our divinity, from our depth.

Maybe this is why I love practicing and teaching slow flow yoga. I learn so much more from going slow; stopping to feel; being open to heal; slowing down to enjoy each moment, each breath.  The wisdom of the real comes slow and so we have to be patient with ourselves and our journey. But’s it worth it and you are worth it, so slow down and savor your life.

Going fast doesn’t work for me anymore and that’s a good thing; it’s a sign that I’ve grown.  Maybe you are finding this to be true in your life as well. Living a life of depth is so much more joyful and fulfilling than staying shallow where only fleeting happiness is possible.


Compassion is Soul Love

Pink Heart

Feeling compassion for a friend who is experiencing a lot of health challenges and it had me reflecting on how powerful expressing the quality of compassion can be.

Compassion is Soul Love; it is a quality of Soul expressing through your heart.

When expressing compassion it takes you out of your ego as you express your genuine concern and love for others. Compassion is a soulful practice and unites us in love; unconditional, soul love.  Put your compassion in action today by seeking to understand, accept, love and empower others.  Every compassionate act is an example of a soul shining its Light and expressing Love.


All is Well in my Soul


hands of woman meditating on yoga pose on the beach

All is Well in My Soul

No matter what you are experiencing know that all is well in your Soul.  The Soul is undisturbed and always at Peace.  We can access that calm, nurturing space when we go within, connect with our breath and find a place of stillness.  The Soul is in the stillness and it is my intention this week to take mini-breaks throughout the day to get quiet, be still, breathe consciously and sense the well-being of my soul.

All is Well in My Soul, this I Know…


Why Wait?

IMG_4696Playing with Crow Pose Yoga on this foot stool while my coffee is brewing…

I’ve given up the concept of “waiting around” and instead always try to do something more fun, meaningful and or productive during those 30 to however many seconds or minutes spent waiting every day.  No matter if it’s waiting for your coffee to brew, at a redlight, in a grocery line, at the airport, etc… There are so many other things we can do instead of just wait and I want to

DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN LOOK AT MY PHONE, because I already do that enough.

Here are somethings you can do instead:

  • Read a book – This is especially good if you have a long wait like Jury Duty.  Reading can help you relax and it’s great to use your imagination.  I’ve been making it a habit to keep a book in my bag wherever I go.
  • Stretch – I can never get enough stretching in.  It feels so good to move the body in this way and release tension from your muscles.
  • Dance – Move your body and forget about if anyone is watching. You may inspire them to move also.
  • Sing – Express yourself and sing out loud.  Singing always makes me feel uplifted.
  • Pray/Meditate – take a moment to be still, go within and connect.  Offer a prayer or reflect on a word/mantra/bible verse that has significant meaning to you.
  • Think about and visualize your goals – use this time to check in with yourself on where you’re at with completing any goals you may have set.  Visualize your goals being met.
  • Talk to someone – Maybe even start up a conversation with a stranger.  Don’t be afraid to make a new friend (the ole fashion way).
  • Look for beauty around you – There is always something beautiful to appreciate. Look around you see something with new eyes.  Beauty is everywhere if we just look.
  • Think about what you’re grateful for – One of my favorite things to do is to make a gratitude list.  This will boost your mood and bring more good things into your life.
  • Write something, maybe even a poem – you don’t have to be a poet, just write something beautiful and or meaningful to you.  Write from the heart.
  • Make eye-contact with someone and give them a smile – We don’t look at each other anymore.  Our faces are usually buried in our phones.  Why not, look someone in the eye and give a friendly smile.  You never know who you might connect with and how this would change both of your days.
  • Breathe – Bring awareness to your breathing and you will cultivate being more calm and peaceful in every moment.

You never have to wait again; instead fill those moments with meaningful activity.  You’ll feel more connected and your Soul will appreciate it.


Go For What Will Help You Grow

handstand splits

In 2016 I committed to be more Daring.  I dared myself to do many things I never though I could.  Early last year I saw someone do a handstand split on the beach and thought that would be so awesome to be able to do.  I’ve never taken gymnastics and didn’t start a consistent yoga practice till in my late 30’s but through  my yoga practice I’ve grown stronger and more fearless and so I dared myself to practice handstands over and over again.  I fell many times and it’s still a challenge to balance but everyday I grow a little stronger and some days I find that balance and strength. 

In 2017 I will continue to be more Daring (not just in yoga poses) and really go for the things that scare me the most because that’s where I find I grow the most. Where in your life can you be more daring? 

Go for what will help you Grow…


Move with Meaning

move with meaning

I want my actions to be more powerful, purposeful and creative. I want to conserve energy and get the best results with less effort. I aspire to make every moment count and I realize to do this I need to move with meaning. I need to know what I want to achieve from my every movement/action. In other words, I need to bring consciousness to what I am doing and be deliberate with my movement.

Do you move with meaning?

Do your actions contribute to your own growth, the betterment of others, environment, etc. or are they self-serving focusing on fulfilling superficial desires only? If the latter you won’t find meaning, just emptiness.

From the simplest thing as to your posture, how you stand and walk; you can bring consciousness there and ask yourself, “How can I stand with more meaning?” This sounds a little strange but when you think about it deeper it makes sense. When you bring consciousness to your posture and movement, you bring your full awareness and attention there and you can then correct any improper alignment which if ignored could lead to poor spinal health.

I tell my yoga students often to roll their shoulders up, back and down and stand with a tall spine and lifted chest and then to notice how this makes you feel. When they stand and move in this way, they tell me they feel more confident and powerful. Standing in this way is meaningful to them as it is an action that brings more quality and purpose to their lives.

You can move with more meaning in all areas of your life. In your communications with others you can listen with more meaning by giving them your complete attention. In your diet try eating with more meaning to receive better nutrition and create greater health. You can do almost anything and make it meaningful. It takes being aware and choosing to live intentionally.


1. SLOW DOWN and BE CONSCIOUS of who you are and what’s important to you in the moment. What do you need/want?

2. Be clear about your motivations for acting and keep them pure and purposeful.  What do you want to create?

3. Act from a place of depth, compassion and truth. This will take the focus off wanting to obtain any superficial desire and instead focus on acting to fulfill need in yourself or in others.

If you are like me and are on a path of growth and authenticity then you know how important it is to feel a sense of meaning in your life. I now seek meaning in just about everything. I don’t want to just go through the motions and live unconsciously without purpose. Meaning and purpose go together. Where there is more meaning, there is more purpose and vice versa. Life is much more rewarding and fulfilling when all is meaningful.



What Makes Me Unique? Five Areas to Explore

what makes me unique

Understanding what makes you unique is an incredibly valuable thing to know especially if you want to express yourself authentically and make a difference for others. To understand more about what makes you so unique, I invite you to take an adventurous journey to know yourself. There are many places on your journey where you will want to stop, pay attention and explore. These places are your self-awareness destinations and will help you to know more about who you are and where you are going. As you continue along this journey, you will begin to experience an increased sense of meaning and purpose in your life along with a greater appreciation of yourself for the incredibly unique person that you are.

Here are five areas to explore on your self-awareness journey to uncovering your uniqueness.

1. Gifts and Talents – We all have unique gifts and talents. A lot of these we were born with and others we developed. To know your gifts and special talents you need to look at what you do well. Ask yourself, “What is it that I can do easily that others find difficult?” Your gifts and talents will come so natural to you and sometimes this is why we don’t recognize them. Pay attention to what others tell you that you do well. Notice what they complement you on and you will soon start to recognize and claim your gifts and talents.

2. Values – Our values are the things in our life that are most important to us. Values represent what we stand for and what matters to us; they are the principles by which you live your life. To determine your values look at where you spend most of your time and what you spend your money on. What do these things represent to you? Our values present themselves when we are faced with tough decisions. Think about a decision you recently made when you had to choose between one thing or the other. Why did you make that decision? What value did that decision represent?

3. Passions – You know your passions when you know what you LOVE. What brings you joy just thinking about it? What do you love to spend your time doing? Look at your book and blog collection and see what most the books/blogs you love to read are about. Also feel into what makes you come most alive? Your passions invigorate you with feelings of excitement and joy.

4. Life Experiences – You have unique life experiences that contribute to you being the incredible individual that you are. Look back at your life from where you grew up to the people you have met and the places you have gone and all that you have experienced, and see that all those events have been part of your unique life path.

5. Special Knowledge – There are some things that you have a greater insight to than others. What have you studied for a long time? What about any training? This knowledge is part of unique gift you bring to the world.

The journey to discover your uniqueness will open you to a new awareness of yourself. When you have a clear picture of what makes you unique you can better understand how you can better contribute to others around you. You begin to understand your unique place in the world and your purpose is revealed.



Sit in My Soul

zen photo sit in my soul

One of my favorite, most delightful things that I love to do is to just “sit in my soul.” I need this time daily for my life to flourish and feel meaningful. When I sit in my soul, I get very quiet and connect within. Here I find my truth, my power and a feeling of deep contentment. There is nothing I need in this moment. I am at complete peace and all is well.

My greatest insights come from this quiet time spent with my soul.  All of a sudden it’s very clear what action I need to take if any.  I realize where I need to slow down and what is really important to me.

I can definitely tell if I skip a day or two of this because I feel scattered like I’m going, going, going with no clear direction. This is when I need to STOP and PAY ATTENTION , sense deeply and sensitively what’s going on inside of me and allow the qualities of soul to fill me. In this way I am balancing my life and energy so that there is not so much ego build up with all its doing, thinking, striving and I am bringing a sense of being and consciousness to the present moment.


• Set aside 5-20 minutes of solitude time or 5 minute mini-breaks throughout the day.

• Clear distractions

• Connect with your breath

• Be Still and Listen within

All you need to know is inside of you and when you take the time to sit in your soul you can tap into the abundance of resources at your hand. I’m learning to trust this process more and more and to lean less on the advice from others, from books, etc. I’m realizing the greatest wisdom comes from within my own soul. I only know what’s best for me and you only know what’s best for you. In trusting yourself and following that wisdom you become more authentic leading the life that is meant for you to live.