If You Want Depth You Have to Slow Down

If you want Depth you have to Slow Down and get Real with yourself. Ego likes quick and easy, going from one thing to the next: the latest, the greatest, the newest, the best. But that doesn’t get you anywhere meaningful.

If you want Depth, you have to Dive. Meaning is found in going deeper. When you stay with one thing long enough you have the opportunity to go deeper and learn a lot more about yourself in the process.

Going fast is mostly how I lived my life for the longest time thinking that I was getting more things done but really only fooling myself. Distraction, rushing and busy living keeps us on the surface unable to touch our depth. But eventually this wears us down and we come to see we are running from ourselves, from our truth, from our power, from our divinity, from our depth.

Maybe this is why I love practicing and teaching slow flow yoga. I learn so much more from going slow; stopping to feel; being open to heal; slowing down to enjoy each moment, each breath.  The wisdom of the real comes slow and so we have to be patient with ourselves and our journey. But’s it worth it and you are worth it, so slow down and savor your life.

Going fast doesn’t work for me anymore and that’s a good thing; it’s a sign that I’ve grown.  Maybe you are finding this to be true in your life as well. Living a life of depth is so much more joyful and fulfilling than staying shallow where only fleeting happiness is possible.


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