Move with Meaning

move with meaning

I want my actions to be more powerful, purposeful and creative. I want to conserve energy and get the best results with less effort. I aspire to make every moment count and I realize to do this I need to move with meaning. I need to know what I want to achieve from my every movement/action. In other words, I need to bring consciousness to what I am doing and be deliberate with my movement.

Do you move with meaning?

Do your actions contribute to your own growth, the betterment of others, environment, etc. or are they self-serving focusing on fulfilling superficial desires only? If the latter you won’t find meaning, just emptiness.

From the simplest thing as to your posture, how you stand and walk; you can bring consciousness there and ask yourself, “How can I stand with more meaning?” This sounds a little strange but when you think about it deeper it makes sense. When you bring consciousness to your posture and movement, you bring your full awareness and attention there and you can then correct any improper alignment which if ignored could lead to poor spinal health.

I tell my yoga students often to roll their shoulders up, back and down and stand with a tall spine and lifted chest and then to notice how this makes you feel. When they stand and move in this way, they tell me they feel more confident and powerful. Standing in this way is meaningful to them as it is an action that brings more quality and purpose to their lives.

You can move with more meaning in all areas of your life. In your communications with others you can listen with more meaning by giving them your complete attention. In your diet try eating with more meaning to receive better nutrition and create greater health. You can do almost anything and make it meaningful. It takes being aware and choosing to live intentionally.


1. SLOW DOWN and BE CONSCIOUS of who you are and what’s important to you in the moment. What do you need/want?

2. Be clear about your motivations for acting and keep them pure and purposeful.  What do you want to create?

3. Act from a place of depth, compassion and truth. This will take the focus off wanting to obtain any superficial desire and instead focus on acting to fulfill need in yourself or in others.

If you are like me and are on a path of growth and authenticity then you know how important it is to feel a sense of meaning in your life. I now seek meaning in just about everything. I don’t want to just go through the motions and live unconsciously without purpose. Meaning and purpose go together. Where there is more meaning, there is more purpose and vice versa. Life is much more rewarding and fulfilling when all is meaningful.




  1. says

    Wonderful message, and I’ve discovered the same feelings from intentionally standing taller. I’ve also been readdressing my approach to fitness. I can’t seem to stick with anything these days where the main mission is to look hot in a swim suit. My fitness has to fit in with my daily flow and accomplish more than one thing (walking downtown to work at the library or coffee shop). Yoga strengthens my mind AND body. If I happen to pull off a bikini body along the way, that’s an awesome bonus!

    • Tracy Warren says

      Love it Kayla. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m right there with you regarding having fitness be more than an activity that is done only to look good. I’m glad that you are reaping the benefits of yoga and making fitness a more meaningful experience for you. I’m positive that with your dedication and daily activity you’ll get that added bonus too 🙂

    • Tracy Warren says

      Hi Laura,
      Glad you are paying attention to the messages your getting to “slow down.” I appreciate your comment 🙂

  2. says

    What a good reminder. Just by reading “From the simplest thing as to your posture, how you stand and walk; you can bring consciousness there and ask yourself, “How can I stand with more meaning?” – I lifted my head, widened my chest and felt powerful. Thank you from Sweden!

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