Stay in the Energy of Love

If you want peace in your life you must stay in the energy of Love. It’s whenever we step out of this energy with our judgments and fears that we experience problems, illnesses, challenges and all sorts of life disruptions that eventually and hopefully lead us back to Love.  The solution is always Love.  Get back to your essence of love.  Align with love and stay in the Energy of Love.

How do we do this?
Choose forgiveness, over and over again.
Choose Love, Compassion, Mercy and Allow Grace.

Just like I tell my yoga students, “breathe and feel; respond not react; stay in Love; stay in the Heart; stay in Soul; stay ensouled.”  It’s so easy to lose this connection especially if we are living unconsciously and not aware of our ability to choose how we want to feel and what we want to experience.  Well-being is always there and is a result of you choosing to stay in the energy of Love.

Love is always the answer; love always, in all ways.  When fear comes up learn to respond with Love.  This takes a level of spiritual maturity and lots of practice I know, but keep choosing loving forgiveness.  Fill your consciousness with Love and watch your life blossom with Joy.

Much Love,


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