Return to Reverence

“Reverence is contact with the essence of each thing and person and plant and bird and animal. It is contact with the interior of its beingness.”  Gary Zukav – Seat of the Soul

It’s time to Return to Reverence and restore our sense of the Sacredness of Life.

We’ve lost touch and are disconnected from our divinity and as a result we are experiencing a loss of morals, morality, mystery and meaning. This separation from what is holy, sacred and divine, separates us from one another and from our essential nature which is loving, intelligent and true.

Everything is essentially divine, but we’ve forgotten this and no longer practice seeing the divinity – the essential divinity within everyone and everything. Seeing the world and all those in it as divine is a moral act, just as perceiving the world and others as defective is an immoral act. This loss of morality is taking it’s toll in our homes, our community and our world.

Without the virtue of reverence we become robotic people living in a chaotic society full of destructiveness and despair. Violence becomes the norm as we replace the honoring of life with the harming of life. Society loses hope. Society loses its soul.

We must reconnect to our source, our spirit, our soul by being still and connecting with what is real. Reverence is real, but we can’t realize and actualize it if we are living in the illusion of our ego lives. We have to go past our personality perspective and see things through the eyes of our soul, as reverence is a perception of the soul. Our egos care little about being reverent and so it is beyond ego that we must go if we are to ever restore reverence in our lives and in our world.

Here are some ways we can begin Restoring Reverence in our Lives Now:

Practice the Presence of God – There is no better way to experience the presence of God than by being in the moment. Reverence comes from our presence so we have to practice being present to the moment so that we can be touched by the Divine. God is always present, but we seldom are. Sit still and listen, observe and notice what you are witnessing. Listen to the breath; feel the inner body; let it take you into the experience of being – of being One with God. Once you learn to do this within yourself, you can start practicing this presence of reverence in your relationships – seeing the Divine in others and in everything that you experience.

Look for the Meaning and See the Connection – Look for the meaning of all your life experiences and practicing seeing the connection between everything that happens and how it was for the betterment of your life. The more you see the meaning, the more you begin to revere everything and everyone that comes across your path. Can you see the Divine plan at hand?

Appreciate the Mystery, the Awe, the Wonder of Creation – Keep wonder and mystery alive by spending time in nature and start to look at things, ordinary things like the blooming flowers on your walk; the sunlight as it shines through the trees in the woods, the lizard that scatters across your path; see all these things with fresh eyes appreciating the awe, mystery and wonder all around you.

Sense the Subtle – We need to ensoul our senses so that we can perceive the more subtle energies present in each moment, in each person and in each thing. Subtle awareness leads to Soul awareness and soul awareness fosters the presence of reverence. The Soul is in the Subtle.

Be Gentle with Life – Cultivate a loving, caring, compassionate attitude toward life. Practice the pause between stimulus and response and choose a response that will cause no harm. When we view life and everything in it as sacred then gentleness is a natural response. Gentleness become our strength as we become more reverent, whole and alive.

When we become a more reverent people we create a more reverent society and all benefit.  Life is calling us to return to reverence. Will you do your part and create a more loving, soulful reverent world?