Make Meaning not Misery

Despite our experience of chaos during this pandemic of the coronavirus, there is a Universal order that is the cause behind everything we experience. Let this time teach us  what we need to know and how we need to be.  Let us wake up to our true nature and then begin choosing what is harmony with our true self so that we can experience well-being and be of service to others.

This time of separation is needed so that we can learn, grow and develop in consciousness – Soul consciousness and Unity consciousness.  It’s a paradox that we are having to separate to unify; to isolate to congregate. Experiencing the duality is the way we as humans learn until duality is no longer necessary.

If we are not careful our ego self will take over our thinking and we will start complaining about what we think we lack; what we think we are missing. We will then, just like this virus, spread and contaminate others with our fearful thoughts and anxious feelings and the result will be more and more misery, more and more chaos.

Let’s choose instead a more empowering perspective and make this experience meaningful not miserable. The way to make it meaningful is to see it in relation to your purpose. How can you best serve at this time? What need can you respond to right now? The world needs what you have. Do your part and add to the world more Love, Light, Beauty, Truth, Kindness and Goodness. We are all in this together. We are all part of one another, and we can and will come out of this stronger and more Unified.

And so the choice is yours to make: Misery or Meaning? I hope you choose the latter.